info and resources 600x450 - ResourcesThrough FAN-PAC’s expertise, the Knowledge of Partner Organizations, or interactions with other Non-Profit Organizations, We can provide strategic guidance and best practices for parents and voters to guide the process of legislation that will make our family system reflect our 21st Century society where children are best served.


No longer are we a society of traditional, intact families like those depicted in TV shows like ‘Leave It to Beaver,’ ‘Father Knows Best,’ ‘Good Times’ or ‘The Jeffersons.’  Our 21st Century society has 21st Century values that are reflected in our 21st Century family structures.  For perhaps the first time in history, there are more New Jersey children today being raised by parents who themselves were children of divorced or never-married parents, and who were raised in single-parent households, than there are children receiving a traditional two parent upbringing.