To introduce legislation that provides for a rebuttable presumption for joint legal and equal or approximately equal physical custody of minor children when the parents are separated.


To protect the rights and needs of minor children:


  • To preserve each child parent relationship                                     
  • To protect children’s rights                                                        
  • To respect the needs and best interests of children                        
  • To enhance the quality of the Child-Parent relationship


To protect the rights and needs of parents:


  • To preserve each Parent-Child relationship                                       
  • To protect parental rights, including authority, autonomy, and equality           
  • To respect the needs and best interests of parents


To promote a safe and healthy environment for the child:


  • To decrease parental conflict
  • To decrease family violence
  • To reduce the risk and incidences of parental alienation               
  • To increase the stability of the family


To Support the Family Court System:


  • To educate participants in the Family Court System of contemporary family matters post parental separation                                  
  • To ensure judicial consistency in child custody orders                                               
  • To increase the compliance of parenting orders